About Acasta

Acasta Partners is an alternative investment firm employing a multi-disciplinary approach to investing. The business was founded in 2009.


We favour niche strategies with barriers to entry, drawing on a breadth of expertise and a collaborative process to maximise the accessible investment opportunity across economic and market cycles. Our approach includes strategies directed at convertible bonds and volatility linked instruments, metals & mining companies and commodities, as well as fundamental and event-driven opportunities across the credit markets.

Many senior members of the investment team have worked together across multiple decades, and we are trusted for our professionalism, expertise and judgement.

Our name

Our name draws inspiration from the Acasta Gneiss, a rock outcropping in the Canadian Northwest Territories. Formed nearly four billion years ago, this rock formation stands as an enduring archetype for a patient and robust investment framework. The gniess is comprised of unique and diverse minerals with visibly distinct bands, reflective of our collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach to investing.

Meet our team

Our team is comprised of professionals with specialized yet complementary expertise allowing us to employ a collaborative approach to investing.


Our infrastructure

TFG Asset Management, which owns a minority stake in Acasta Partners alongside majority owner Michael Humphries, provides Acasta partners with operating infrastructure and other services including investor relations, financial control, technology, risk management and compliance/legal services. TFG Asset Management is a subsidiary of Tetragon Financial Group Limited which is a closed-ended investment company traded on Euronext in Amsterdam N.V. and on the Specialist Fund Segment of the main market of the London Stock Exchange. More information about TFG Asset Management can be found below.



Acasta’s flagship multi-disciplinary strategy has won nine performance awards and has been nominated for 24 awards since its inception in 2009, including five awards and eight nominations from EuroHedge (now known as With Intelligence EuroHedge). *

The With Intelligence EuroHedge Awards are organised by EuroHedge magazine, a publication of With Intelligence. To be considered for an award, funds must submit performance data to the HFM Database and have at least a 12-month track record history. Please see the EuroHedge website for the full details of the awards methodology, available at www.withintelligence.com. Please see each award press release for important information about each award.