2023 EuroHedge Award Nomination – Convertibles & Volatility

01 December 2023

The Acasta Global Fund was nominated for the 2023 EuroHedge Award in the “Convertibles & Volatility” category. There are three other nominees for this award.

The With Intelligence EuroHedge Awards are organised by EuroHedge magazine, a publication of With Intelligence.

To be considered for an award, funds must submit performance data to the Hedge Fund Intelligence Database and have at least a 12-month track record history.

Winners are decided using an established methodology based upon a combination of Sharpe ratios and returns over the relevant time period.

Nominations are decided by those funds in each peer group that achieve the strongest Sharpe ratios over 12 months, so long as they also beat the median returns in their relevant peer groups and are within 10% of their high-water marks.

The eventual winners will be the funds that have the best returns, as long as they also have Sharpe ratios within 25% of the best Sharpe of the nominees in their relevant peer groups.

Further information about the award, including nomination and winning criteria, is available at  Criteria | Eurohedge Awards 2023 (withintelligence.com).